Fettes Management can help stabilise your business, reduce costs, identify ways to maximise existing and generate new revenue streams. From turnaround decision, consolidation and into recovery, Fettes Management positions for growth, improving strategic and operating performance through change in sales and marketing, re-negotiation, outsourcing, downsizing etc.

Fettes Management will accept interim managers responsibility as a short-term solution; delivering value quickly; managing key issues and coping with the reaction to the change. 



With 15+ years senior management, consulting and commercial skills in sport, retail, technological, charity and media sectors and recent turnaround and strategy experience with SME’s, Fettes Management has ideal experience for your consulting, interim or advisory requirements.

Plus recognition as creator of the worlds first loyalty scheme for sport and Director finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 05 – Fettes Management abilities have not gone unnoticed.

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