Video Analysis: Why we do what we do…

What is it?

Video analysis is a relatively new coaching tool used by professionals to help them review and improve certain aspects of a golfers’ performance. This footage helps to highlight the fundamental aspects of the golf swing and enables the golf pro to give clear and concise advice on how their students could improve these.  In golf, a simple review of your own swing is a key visual aid, as in many cases how we think we swing the club, is not always how we actually do it.

Online video analysis is based on the same principle with the only difference that the coach is not present and with internet access, can be used anywhere in the world.

On top of the obvious visual benefit, the golf pro will provide a video of your swing with the relevant instructional pointers via voice over and also the use of on-screen drawing tools to help you understand the changes that you are being asked to make.

A traditional golf lesson is made up of three parts; a swing critique, a swing diagnosis with instruction on how to improve and finally a structured practice session. Online video analysis delivers the first two elements to the same extent as traditional lessons.

The benefits of video analysis:

  • Expert tuition is assured from approved professionals

  • Increase interaction and visual feedback

  • Improve and accelerate the improvement process

  • Increase you knowledge of how your swing works and what affects it

  • View the lesson anytime and anywhere to suit you

  • Study and practice the lessons at your own pace

Swing Comparison

On its own, or in conjunction with a full swing analysis, a swing comparison can add several benefits to the golfer including highlighting similarities (good points) of a swing, demonstrate differences (bad points) of a swing and provide real examples of the benefits of correct positions and movement.

With a swing comparison, two swings are synchronized to a point in the swing, such as impact. Using an established swing, such as that of Seve, as the basis for comparison, this simple instructional tool can significantly help an understanding between fundamentals such as stance, posture, alignment and grip and highlight areas of improvement at address, take-away, at the top, at impact and the early stages of follow through.

The Seve Ballesteros Golf Academy

At the Seve Academy, receiving both a swing analysis or swing comparison is simple. Simply upload a swing video you are happy with from your digital still or video camera or video phone to Review your swing in the My Locker section, click “Send for Analysis” or “Send for Comparison”, pay (if required) and leave the rest to us.

For an analysis, one of our PGA qualified Seve approved golf pro’s will receive your request, critique and take as long as is required to get to the root cause of your problems. They will deliver a swing analysis, sending the full analysis back to the My Locker section and notify you at the same time.

With support videos provided on the Academy site, including exercise drills, tips, improvement advice from Seve and the Swing Check feature after your personal analysis, the Seve Academy swing analysis delivers as full a service as a “traditional” golf lesson.

For the swing comparison, you will be notified that your swing comparison is ready and once you open this, you will be able to see your swing in a side by side, down the line comparison that will clearly highlight any major differences in your swing fundamentals at set up and throughout the swing.

No matter which level of membership you subscribe to, there is a healthy selection of professional golfers to choose from, but also many well known faces who have pledged to Swing for Seve.

The Seve Ballesteros Golf Academy ( harnesses the spirit of natural golf to deliver the most advanced online golf instructional and golfing entertainment platform on the web.

The combination of exclusive Seve and Ballesteros Family instruction videos, rare and insightful footage from throughout Seve’s career, active one on one involvement from PGA professionals and an integrated creation of world leading technologies including the iPhone, deliver a unique meaningful, engaging and fully interactive golf improvement platform for players of all abilities.

The Seve Ballesteros Golf Academy exists also to support the efforts of the Seve Ballesteros Foundation and it’s focus on brain cancer research, while providing opportunities for disadvantaged golfers.