Dartfish.tv now available anytime, any place!

Optimal Analysis would like to inform dartfish.tv users of the latest Dartfish Desktop Player.

Imagine the scene; You’re on a bus or at home and don’t have internet connection but you want to look at a video on dartfish.tv, what do you do? Simply download the player to your desktop for free. The account and all the video content you have subscribed to is available offline for you to play and manage in any way you like!

Dartfish Website Browser








Dartfish Desktop Player version 1.1 has evolved to include new functionality and, most importantly, opens up video publishing on dartfish.tv to non-Dartfish users with the new ‘add’ and ‘upload’ tools. It’s free, fast and easy!

To learn more about Dartfish Desktop Player, dartfish.tv or for further information on how Dartfish Video Analysis software could aid you and your organisation, please visit Optimal’s website: www.optimalanalysis.co.uk


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