FlightScope: World’s Best to Deliver World First

After the successful launch of their recent 5.8 software upgrade, the engineers at FlightScope aim to conquer the last hurdle.

FlightScope have long been recognised as the number one golf launch monitor device.  The Doppler Radar Technology employed in a FlightScope device offers many advantages over its camera-based competitors:

•    Accurate to 2 yards over 250 yards
•    Accurate club head tracking (speed profiles, face angle, shaft plane, angle of attack…)

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So far, the only disadvantage to the radar system occurs when indoors, due to the radar technology requiring at least 4 metres of ball flight to work effectively.  Therefore, an indoor teaching room will likely require over 8 metres of length – which is not always feasible.

So, FlightScope engineers are now hard at work aiming to create the world’s first radar system that requires only 2.5 meters of flight.  In the past, if you have not had 8 meters of space, your only option was to use a camera-based system.

Once work is complete for the shortened footprint, golf professionals and retail facilities alike will  be able to have a choice as to whether they choose the traditional camera-based system, or go with the many advantages that a FlightScope radar system has to offer.

More Information

FlightScope’s “Kudu” is a state-of-the-art, portable, indoor/outdoor ball-flight and club tracking device. It operates in all conditions with any ball (no marking required) and provides accurate, reliable and user-friendly results at an affordable price.

•    Accurate to within 2-4 yards at 250 yards
•    Driver Optimiser feature (for effective driver fitting)
•    Clubhead speed and acceleration profiles
•    3D shot plot with grouping radiuses
•    Advanced Golf Solutions’ ball fitting software

FlightScope “Prime” is the world’s first WIRELESS 3D tracking radar for golf.

It has all of the same features as the FlightScope Kudu but moreover, is totally portable.  Battery operated and with a Bluetooth link to your laptop, this system is ideal for taking onto the practice ground.

Both Flightscope Kudu and Prime are available at market-leading deals via Optimal Analysis – the UK’s premier multi-sport performance analysis technology specialist.

For more information, contact Optimal via our website and our resident PGA Professional, Andy Waple, will get in touch to discuss your requirements and the most suitable system for your business.


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