The View from the Spire: 7 dull, dismal and dreary Days in Sport? Really?

Part 2

Okay, okay, okay! You were right, I was wrong.

I JUST happened to pick on a few lowlights of the week from the perspective of sport, commerce and the likes. Clearly those of you who actually care about the state of the SPL, the climax of the Premier League and the minor victories surrounding these two establishments, that has occurred these last 7 days clearly do not want to hear my diatribes about global sport. Its local all the way… 

And so for the benefit of my homeboys in the East and the West, here is the “real” not so dull and dismal 7 Days in Sport review in a nutshell.

Hearts beat Hibs. Irvine Welsh, Grant Stott and the Proclaimers cry. Lithuania celebrates.

Scotland beat Ireland. Nationals from both sides drown themselves in seventy shilling and stout.

Imperial commander winning the gold cup. Kauto Star prepares to be glue.

Rangers win Scottish Cup-of-some-sort with 9 men. Half of Glasgow cries.

Dundee Utd stop rangers winning the domestic treble. The other half of Glasgow cries.

Tony Mowbray loses job, the other side of Glasgow cries once more.

The English Premiership title race hots up even more with Chelsea dropping points.

Do we have to mention Fulham in Europe?

Dull. Pah.

David Jenkins stands corrected.

David Jenkins isn’t always wrong. He is mostly right, as  you can see by his CV here.


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