The View from the Spire: Superheroes

We are in the midst (although hopefully nearing the latter part) of a recession. A recession that has apparently been the worst for 100 years; surpassing even the Great Depression of the 1930’s. (As an aside – what is so Great about a depression?)

In these tough times, even Superheroes are finding it tough. I refer, of course, to Spider-Man our web slinging red and blue pyjama sporting saviour. According to Steve Wacker, Marvel Comics Editor, Peter Parker, photographer, loses his job and signs on the dole in the latest issue of Amazing Adventures of Spiderman.

In true life fashion, our Superhero will struggle with unemployment, struggle to pay bills and keep a roof over his head. Surprisingly, he will also struggle to buy “web fluid” – now hands up if you knew that thats what it was called AND that he bought this concoction (I thought like saliva, he naturally had it in him)?

Like many of us, what next for our crime fighter? Where does someone who has had several jobs including science teacher, sports coach and researcher do next? Not least do they have to decide where to focus their efforts, and possibly continue to fight global crime and defy nasty villains but they actually have to secure the job – they have to get past interviews and the gate keeping jobs worth’s in HR.

And so, what does a Senior Manger think if a Spider-Man type turns up for a job? And what if the same thing befalls other Superheroes characters and provided they dont suffer the pitfalls of alcohol, or gain a temp job up the local call centre, do they naturally all suffer a similar fashion faux pas at interview?

If so, Superman would wear underwear over his trousers; Batman would wear underwear over trousers and then put a belt over his underwear. Robin follows what Batman does regardless. (Is this peer pressure?) Wonder Woman would wear the belt on her head. Poor Spidey puts his underwear over his head – and I sincerely hope that they are clean.

For my money, not one of them would make that vital good first impression other than looking like a moron in a fake (but actually real) superhero costume. As all of them would look like they got dressed in the dark, what good would you think that they would be with a theodolite, in charge of an IT system or a salesmen in a bed shop? And how would you see through the spandex to understand how they could benefit your business? Perhaps Spidey could consider going solo career with a digital career on the World Wide Web?

In testing times like these then it is no surprise that Tiger Woods and Robbie Williams (amongst others) have decided to come back to work.

Now rest assured people, this is a serious concern of mine. This is no joke. Our Superheroes feel the pinch too. I only hope that like the rest of us, they learn to work with it; find new ways of doing business; they learn to grin and bear it, smile and occasionally laugh. After all, what better way to laugh than by telling jokes. And we all know a Superheroes favourite part of a joke is the “punch line!”

David Jenkins is no Superhero but he can work with you to save your company from ruin, be an interim manager getting you through a tough period, or provide some focussed sales, marketing and business development strategy to get you out of a tight spot. For more information, make sure you check out David Jenkins’ full CV here.


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